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What we do

UBT is a global consulting organisation established in 2009 and has grown to support over 3,000 family businesses across 19 countries.

Our Pillars of Possibility

We provide our customers with an unprecedented range of business advisory, coaching, consulting and training programs.


UBT Business Assist and HR100

This comprises of UBT Business Assist and HR100. UBT Business Assist is focused on ensuring that each business in each region is viable and operating well. HR100 ensures that members of the Community are employed and able to contribute to the economy.


Seminars, Forums and Networking

Major Seminars, Forums and Networking Hubs are managed by this team.


Consulting, Workshops and Coaching

Consulting, corporate workshops, coaching and more are managed by this team.


Training, Recruitment and HR 

Training courses, recruitment, HR services and leadership and culture training – everything that allows a business to find, retain and grow their talent.


Work from AUS or NZ

There are two Precincts – Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. They are places where employees and customers can work from, providing state of the art facilities. Visit our global website at www.theprecinctglobal.com


Business and financial 

Focused on providing business and financial advice to New Zealand customers. In Australia and the United Kingdom the team is known as UBTA.


Phones, IT and Streamline3

Suppliers of phones and IT to Community businesses and households, as well as developers of Streamline3, a bespoke device management system.


Group buying powerhouse

A group buying powerhouse providing a range of products, including fuel, motor fleet, freight, insurances, travel energy and SaaS.


North America Training

UBT assists clients to identify the competency gaps in their businesses and provides a structured training program to meet those needs.