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Welcome to the Universal Business Team (UBT)

UBT is global consulting organisation established in 2009 which has grown to support over 3,000 family businesses across 19 countries.

We provide our customers with an unprecedented range of business advisory, coaching, consulting, and training programs.

We also partner with leading brands around the world, leveraging our group buying power to ensure our customers can access products and services at competitive prices.

Everything we do at UBT – we do it to provide sustainable funding for our ecosystem.

We leverage the skills and expertise of our people to support our ecosystem, two of the largest enterprises being OneSchool Global and the Rapid Relief Team.

OneSchool Global is one of the largest progressive independent school networks in the world, with over 100 schools in 21 countries.

The Rapid Relief Team provides food and water to emergency services during times of disaster and supports the homeless and people with disability.

We’re on a mission to creating possibilities – join the team that’s making a difference. Find out more on our Careers > page.


UBT brings together member businesses and world-leading providers of products and service​


UBT’s training courses are customized to meet the challenges and complexities facing businesses today.


The UBT Consulting Team has one goal – the sustainable success of your businesses.


UBT Accountants offers a quality solution for both regular and one-off accounting assignments.


At UBT we attract high performing individuals from different backgrounds and cultures who can work together as a team to achieve success.


leading corporate brands to offer a growing range of high-quality products and services to our clients at highly competitive prices.


Our goal is to help member businesses set new standards of excellence and grow.


UBT brings approved business providers and a loyal global client base together.


At the heart of our culture are people striving to make a difference.