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We provide our customers with an unprecedented range of business advisory, coaching, consulting and training programs.

Welcome to the Universal Business Team (UBT)

UBT is a global consulting organisation established in 2009 and has grown to support over 3,000 family businesses across 19 countries. We provide our customers with an unprecedented range of business advisory, coaching, consulting, and training programs. 
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Our whole business is focused on delivering our five strategic pillars.

Household Wellbeing

We are presenting tailored solutions to maintain the Community values and way of life.

Family Business Advisors

We develop, market and deliver products, as well as drive online sales and develop capability and intellectual property in house.

Customer First

Putting the customer first is our mantra because our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our People, Our Work

Ensuring a safe working environment built on the foundation of a strong employee value proposition.

Greater Good

We have made a commitment to promote UBT’s impact on the ecosystem more effectively with our people, which includes strategic advice on key sustainability issues.

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Our Purpose

Right from the beginning, our purpose was to ensure family businesses thrived, so that we could further support OneSchool Global and the Rapid Relief Team. 
We also partner with leading brands around the world, leveraging our group buying power to ensure our customers have access to products and services at competitive prices.
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Our Customers

The majority of our customers run their own family businesses and small to medium enterprises. Collectively they employ around 56,000 people and have an average growth rate of 11% year on year.

From all of us at UBT, we know it’s the people who make the place, so why not join us?

Would you like to join our global team?

UBT is renowned as an inspiring place to work. It offers the balance of a rewarding career, community spirit and extensive opportunities to develop. For more information, please email [email protected].