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In-House Training

UBT assists clients to identify the competency gaps in their businesses and provides a structured training program to meet those needs.

Every aspect of business is covered: Administration and HR, Finance and Accounting, Leadership and Management, Marketing, Sales and Professional Development. The program is delivered by world-class, experienced and dedicated trainers, by face-to-face visits to the client’s workplace, followed up by regular webinars between visits.

Have you ever wished you could engage an experienced in-house business trainer, to help steer your business to where you’d like it to be?

Now you can. UBT In-House Training gives you a unique opportunity to work closely with a business trainer, and set your business on a clear path to sustainable success. This is an opportunity that should be considered by every business owner.

In-house Training is a comprehensive, customized class targeted to small business owners and their teams. This course may span anywhere from three months to an entire year depending on business size and training needs. The course is designed to strengthen business management knowledge and skills for the existing management team and to identify future leaders. The goal is to help create small businesses with a winning strategy and a solid foundation for growth. Increased profits lead to increased employment needs and the need for a strong management team.

The curriculum comprises content that relates to the broad-based skills and knowledge needed for success in the business world. Participants are exposed to subject matter and practical application around leadership, operations management, marketing and financial analysis. These topics are all woven into the core subject of Strategic Planning and Execution. Business owners and their teams are taught how to align the functions of their business to their overarching strategy and develop effective tactics for execution of that strategy.

The IHT trainer visits the business “on-site” where he/she conducts class in a conference room style setting. The coursework for each day is based on an initial needs assessment. Participants may attend all or some of the sections depending on identified needs given their job role, strengths and weaknesses and future job aspirations. Assignments are application focused. Participants learn the concept, discuss and/or role play how to apply it in the real world, and then put it into practice when they return to their work stations. They will then report back to the trainer during follow-up Webinars or the next In-house session to self-assess their effectiveness in applying the new skill and receive feedback and suggestions for improvement from the trainer. They can also communicate through email if they need immediate input from the trainer.

IHT is customised to your company’s needs. As a small company, you can have this course delivered to you and your employees only, or you can join forces with another small business to share the costs and the training opportunity. Depending on your needs, you can schedule anywhere from 4 to 12 Face-to-Face (F2F) Sessions throughout the year. These sessions are supplemented with Webinars to reinforce the learning and providing valuable training as you and your employees apply your new skills.

What you will get

UBT In-House Training is delivered via a dynamic mix of onsite training and regular online meetings. Strategic Planning and Execution Topic Modules are listed below. Each Module represents one day of onsite training. You can choose the number of Module you want to include and you can also choose the number of follow-up online meetings you would like to include.

  • Developing Your Leadership Framework
    Having a clear conceptual framework about leadership provides foundational guidelines for well-informed, effective leadership action. This module helps leaders develop their own framework of principles, values and attitudes from which effective leadership naturally occurs.
  • Effective Leadership Strategy
    Strategy guides daily decision making and the long-term success of any organization. It requires a realistic view of the current state of the organization and identifies future risks and opportunities. It also determines what actions are necessary to drive growth and ensure organizational longevity. This module provides the information leaders need to develop an effective customer-centric organizational strategy.
  • Executing Your Strategic Plan
    Strategic planning is critical to any organization’s long-term success. However, without effective execution, no organization can achieve the highest level of results. This module provides leaders with reasons why strategic plans most often fail and how to maximize the execution of their strategic plan at all levels.

On-site workshops and training

Workshops and training sessions could include:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Staff management, teamwork and delegation
  • Target market identification, case studies and market research
  • Sales training and campaign development
  • Financial strategy, working capital management and cash flow
  • Preparing for ISO9001 certification
  • Customer service

You may also choose to participate in Mastermind Groups with other businesses. These are peer-mentoring groups who meet to push each other to work to their highest potential and hold each other accountable for results.

Who should consider In-House Training

UBT In-House Training is a comprehensive, customized class targeted to small business owners and their teams, that are wanting to drive up performance and profitability, and are prepared to have an outside expert shine a torch on their business.

What to expect

After signing up, our IHT Manager will have a 30 to 60 minute GTM with the business manager to explain the scope of the program and complete the Initial Evaluation Form to get a brief understanding of your business and its needs.

You will then receive a Pre-Work Pack for you to provide financial information and a SWOT analysis. Your In-House Trainer will review and analyse this information to get a preliminary understanding of your business before they start training.

Your In-House Trainer will then visit your business to conduct a two-day evaluation. He will interview your staff, and closely observe all aspects of your business.

He will then visit your business to analyse your progress and provide advice. Your Trainer will contact you via GTM between each visit, ensuring regular feedback.

At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Cost per Face to Face Day: CAD $7,500

Cost per Webinar: CAD $1,000


If you would like to be contacted about In-House Training in your business, please click the button below.


A special thanks to all who have provided feedback!

Names and confidential information has been omitted.

Testimonial #1

<Our Trainer > has been quick to identify underlying weaknesses in a very honest and frank manner not letting anyone “off the hook”. He was able to inspire everyone to “Think Big”, creating a catch slogan of <confidential> (meaning our goal or objective of IHT was to reach $___M turnover) and left us in no doubt that with diligence, this was attainable.
Many other practical suggestions were provided including the need to change our business name, relocating staff, implementing a CRM system etc. and giving staff action items and holding them accountable for implementing these changes.
We also particularly appreciated <trainer’s>  interest in the next generation (our sons ___, ___ and ____) and their response to him as well.
We are looking forward to the next 12 months with a new sense of direction and belief that our new goals are well and truly attainable.
We recommend IHT and UBT to anyone wanting to grow their business now and into the future.

Testimonial #2

Business Trainer from the UBT IHT program, <trainer name>, has proven invaluable to our business helping us become more structured and implementing systems to resolve issues we have been forced to put up with for years.
Being a family owned and operated business, it has been difficult to expand beyond our own limitations. <Trainer’s>  skill, along with his back up support of UBT, has allowed us to reach beyond our own capacity to help us grow to the next level, not only in turnover and profit, but business structure and culture.
Accountability of the owners to an external Trainer has also proved extremely beneficial.
His high level of experience, practical application and professional delivery has been a great boost to not only owners and management but to the entire team. I am convinced that we are getting higher levels of productivity from each team member following his on site visit.

Testimonial #3

<IHT trainer name>  got his head around out business and key personnel remarkably quickly. Worked thru theory of constraints with ownership team and nailed our key constraints. Dedicating today to training on these key areas. Very focused and to the point. I have no shadow of a doubt he will be a brilliant investment. Will keep you posted.

Testimonial #4

You comment on change definitely applies!
He certainly accelerated our game plan and helped us to refocus on the key VIGs and gave our team as much relevant training is could be crammed in.
A marked contrast to our previous attempt at utilising external consultants. I feel confident from the outset that this will deliver value & results.

Testimonial #5

I was impressed and encouraged with the 2 days of intense business training on the <date>.
<IHT Trainer name>’s  training style was professional, marked by energy & a person interest in our business.
His approach was direct, looking at areas of weakness in the company that need urgent change, and providing suggestions how these areas can be strengthened.
I am certain when implemented, these changes & and the new directions discussed will be greatly beneficial to the growth & organization of our business.

Testimonial #6

The training is going very well.  We have made significant progress since <IHT Trainer name>  joined us and we are very happy about that.  Key learning’s have been where to apply the brakes and where the accelerator and I believe from the Directors perspectives having their confidence in business decision making enhanced from increased clarity about the activities that really matter. 

Testimonial #7

<IHT Trainer name> spent the day again here today. He is good and has the right personality that does not clash with <our family peculiarities!>. And he gains confidence by telling of his real life experiences. He has drilled into the obvious problems we have. This does not make him a rocket scientist because they are obvious. His Power Point says we are a totally reactive business which is totally true. He took about 3 hours out in the middle of today and made up a PowerPoint which he presented to <our family>  summarising our weakness and issues that need addressing and leaving us with not many options.

Testimonial #8

… the level of what was delivered exceeded our greatest expectations and the compelling force this creates is bound to move our small company to another level.
Thank you again for everything.

Testimonial #9

The IHT is outstanding, <IHT Trainer name>  is tops, this will compel our business forward without a question
Thanks and sincere appreciation to UBT and all they are doing

Testimonial #10

… from my point of view………. I feel very encouraged.
It’s not as if it was exactly revolutionary, but he seemed to be able to bring clarity to a couple of key areas of need in our management that I think we were aware of…..but had lost focus on and were unsure of what to do. We have started to action already as a result…….and looking forward to the next visit.

Testimonial #11

Thanks for your email, we are getting on very well with <IHT Trainer name>.
He has demonstrated excellent ability in the way he connected with every area of the business and identified key areas for improvement, and in every instant has a clear yet straight forward possible solution. He also got the whole team on board with his friendly manner, and we feel excited to be working with him in this way.  We will stay in contact.

Testimonial #12

The 2 days went quickly, but were quite productive.
<IHT Trainer name> is very balanced and understands things very quickly.
He has left us with an action plan and quite a few tasks to follow through. He believes we have a very good foundation and would like to help strengthen and reinforce it in view of moving forward.

Testimonial #13

We found <IHT Trainer name>  very helpful in his first session here. He was effective at formulating our strategic plan for 2014. He comes with a lot of experience and knowledge that we found beneficial.

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